Panacea Family Medicine
Panacea Family Medicine
Caring For The Health And Well Being Of Family.
The health and well-being of our patients and their health care team will always be our priority, so we follow the best practices for cleanliness.


PANACEA offers a wide-range of medical and health services to assist in keeping you and your family healthy (no matter what age).

  • Can make same-day appointments for established patients
  • Accepts new patients
  • Receives walk-ins for routine injections, blood pressure, weight and education
  • Extends assistance with mail-order prescriptions, referrals, pre-certifications and prior authorizations


Services include but are not limited to:
  • General Office Visits
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Testing (Lab Services)
  • Injections and vaccinations
  • Ongoing treatments
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Testing (Diagnostic)
  • Treat multiple symptoms/illness in a single visit
  • Physicals


We have provided forms, resources, and links to help you prepare for your office visit.


Monday - Friday8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
pan-a-ce-a (pan’ə sē’ə) n.– a remedy for all disease, evils, or difficulties


We provide all aspects of medical practice for your whole family, including general check-ups or assisting you with injuries.
PANACEA’s philosophy is to provide quality healthcare services (preventative medicine & disease management) for the whole family. Our goal is to heal through solving the core problems, rather than simply medicate the symptoms. We assess the health issues and work with the patients to solve the cause of symptoms with a combination of lifestyle changes (exercise, eating habits, etc…) and appropriate pharmacological solution. The aim of this clinic has and will always be to provide timely, accurate and preventative care for all ages.
Little girl having throat examination by pediatrician using light pen
We Provide The Best Medical Care For Your Family!
Positive, Safe And Focused Culture For All Patients.



Reminder, ultimately it is the patient responsibility to understand all of the limitations and benefits of their insurance coverage and how it pertains to the services you may receive at this office.  This includes verifying with our office whether we are in fact in network with your insurance plan or prospective plan.  This includes being prepared to meet your financial responsiblities at time of service in the event of copays, coinsurances and deductibles.  And this also includes any potential non-covered services which may arise.  In the instance of a physical, we strongly urge patients to go to our “forms page” where you can be supplied with a Physical Sketch informational Form (DOWNLOAD HERE)  to which you can contact your insurance company with and make an informed choice as to what you would like done during that encounter.


If you believe you have been affected by or exposed to the virus our protocol is as follows: do not enter our building; call the office instead and announce your concern of exposure and/or current symptoms; the staff will triage and relay a message to a provider for screening purposes on whether it is safe to come in the office – or – will you best be seen via another method. We have covid Rapid Tests, PCR tests and Rapid Antibody tests at our disposal; as well as ability to refer patients on for any available treatment options available. For the safety of all of our patients, as well as all of our staff, do not attempt to come into the office in case of exposure. Your patience and understanding in the interim will be greatly appreciated.


Upcoming schedule?/// ENTIRE OFFICE CLOSED?: 7/4/22 – Holiday/// SPECIFIC PROVIDER ABSENCES?: Dr. Shane O’Neill = 6/20/22-6/24/22///Dr. Kealan O’Neill = 7/5/22///Dr. Trotter = 6/23/22// Please keep note of any absences listed above. In case of a specific provider absence there will be other available providers to see patients on those given days. As always, plan ahead and accordingly for medication refills and other services or care you may need.

Care Provided

PANACEA offers a wide-range of medical
and health services to assist in keeping you
and your family healthy (no matter what age).


Panacea Family Medicine
104 Spenryn Drive
Madison, AL 35758


"I am very grateful to the whole Panacea Team - both the doctors and the staff are amazing! They care about our whole family. They spent time with me and answered my many questions...The doctors are very knowledgeable and thorough...Panacea Team are more like Panacea Family to us - they care and it shows. They consistently go above and beyond. Panacea Team is the most personable medical provider I have encountered in my life...Thank You Panacea Family!"
Tamar G.
"Dr. O'Neill was great. He's passed on now and the practice is now run by his sons. I now see Dr. Kealan O'Neill, and so far he's been very nice. My husband sees the other son, Dr. Shane O'Neill, and also likes him...We've moved to the other side of Huntsville but for now we're both satisfied enough to keep them. We've both found the Drs. to be thorough and polite."
Brittany C.
"Dr. Shane O'Neill has been helpful, informative, and consistent with my care, providing me with good health advice. I have had great interactions with the staff, nurses and front office staff. Prescriptions on time and accurate, lab results quick and proper follow-up, and scheduling done quickly. They are doing a great job for me!"