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Patient FAQ

Although we are happy to answer your questions - we have put the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) so you can be better informed before your visit - if you do not find the answer to your question here, we will be happy to help you at the time of your visit, or by calling the office.


Which Insurances do you accept?

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Tricare Standard
  • Please check WITH OUR OFFICE prior to your first visit to determine whether or not we accept your insurance.





How do i become a new patient of the panacea o'neill medical group? 

Just simply call the office.  We do require all adults to schedule their first appointment with the doctor.  While the doctor does his best to accommodate his patients need to see him the day of sickness please understand it is for this reason there are limited appointment slots available per day for new patient visits and sometimes this first appointment may be scheduled up to 6 weeks away.  It is better to get yourself established with the doctor for this reason when you are not in an emergent situation so he can later schedule you for an emergent reason.


How do I schedule an appointment with the Panacea O'Neill Medical Group? 

Call the office.  The office phone is answered throughout the day (never shut off for lunch) and we will do our best to schedule you as quick as possible to see the doctor.           


What do I need to have ready with me for a new patient appointment? 

 You will definitely need your driver’s license and insurance card.  Payment is collected at the time of visits and we accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash.  You should bring all medications you are currently taking in their original bottles so we can properly verify name and strength.  A name and address of your previous doctor would be helpful so we can have your medical records sent on to us.  Finally, while there is paper work to be completed, feel free to download and print your new patient packet from this website as it will cut down on the time you have to wait.


Why was I told I would have to come in and see the doctor to have a prescription written

 In cases of sicknesses, not all antibiotics work the same, certain medications are more effective at treating certain ailments and this is a decision that can only be made under physical examination. Many disease management medications have possible interactions within your system (such as kidneys or liver function) and it is important that the doctor check these organ levels as well as deem if the medication is still necessary before he renews a prescription.


What should I provide the office in order to have a prescription request called in to my local pharmacy?

Please, have prepared and ready the name and number of the pharmacy you would like to use. Also, be able to verify the name, strength and dosage of the medication you would like called in for you. You must allow the office staff and doctor 48 hours to meet all requests.


How long should I wait to hear back from your office regarding requests?

 While certain things can be taken care of in a relatively short time frame, we do require you to allow us up to 48 hours to meet any and all requests. If you do not receive notification within 48 hours, please call the office after and ask for a specific deadline to be set.


How do I schedule a physical with the doctor?

 Call the office.  First, Panacea O'Neill Medical Group will only perform a physical on an established patient.  Secondly, there are very few spots available to complete physicals each day so please call ahead as you may have to wait weeks to get a scheduled appointment.  Third, make sure you have and understand any and all paperwork you may need the doctor to fill out if this schedule is for a third party.  Lastly, make sure you are aware of the limitation or benefits of your particular insurance plan coverage, this is always your responsibility and can become extremely important especially during physicals.


I have received a bill related to medical services provided at my last visit at Dr. O'Neill's, what do I need to do?

 You may send in a check to cover the bill.  If there is a dispute or you do not clearly understand what the bill is for please call the office for clarification.  Also, we may be able to assist in clarifying bills originated outside of our office such as laboratory fees.  Most importantly, do not ignore these bills.  We are happy to work out payment plans with our patients when we are aware there may be problems.


I am running out of samples of a new medication, how may I be able to get a prescription for this medication?

 Many medications involve testing and verification of effectiveness. Please call the office to determine if your medicine refill will require a visit.


I have some forms or a letter which I would like the doctor to fill out for me, what do I need to do?

 Please bring them or the request by the office so the staff can see what all will be required in order to have them filled out.  From there we can provide you with a timeline, cost and appointment if necessary.


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